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Online business is challenging with a low-quality website

You can’t outrun your competitors with a broken-down old car. Even if you’re a diligent and capable employee, the effectiveness of selling through a website may not meet your expectations.

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When embarking on the journey of building and developing a website, there are four main tasks that need to be consistently performed: Technical SEO, On-Page SEO, Off-Page SEO, and SEO Audit.

In particular, Technical SEO (the continuous design and upgrading of the website) is a crucial step in the entire SEO process. You can’t outrun your competitors with a broken-down old car. You can’t achieve good SEO results with a low-quality website!

Technical SEO

Technical SEO refers to the process of coding and designing a website to meet the technical requirements of search engines, with the goal of improving organic rankings. Important factors of Technical SEO include crawlability, indexability, rendering, and website structure. The choice of a web design agency is extremely crucial and can greatly impact the success or failure of website SEO.

This is the process of publishing content on the website. SEO practitioners conduct keyword research and optimize the customer journey. They optimize content according to SEO standards, improve the information structure, optimize images, optimize conversion rates and internal links, and analyze and optimize page loading speed.

Attracting high-quality backlinks to ensure the three E-A-T factors (Expertise, Authority, Trustworthiness) involves the following strategies:

  • Promoting articles on social media
  • Building secure satellite sites
  • Publishing PR articles on news websites
  • Implementing Guest Posts
  • Creating valuable content to increase shares and natural backlinks

SEO Audit is the process of using measurement tools to “examine the health” of a website. It assesses how well the website has been optimized and identifies areas of improvement in various aspects such as content, on-page, and off-page factors. The goal of an SEO Audit is to identify and fix errors or enhance the SEO performance of a website.


Your website

Have you chosen the right design style for your website? Here is a comparison of some popular website design styles:

Affordable web design.

Suitable for the need of creating just one website or landing page to complete the corporate brand identity, with little or no focus on selling activities on the website. If it is a website for selling products, the online advertising costs will increase significantly.

Pre-designed layout templates based on different themes are available, where you simply need to upload your information to create a complete website page. Even individuals without deep expertise in web design can easily create web pages using templates.

Of course, you are only able to change the content and images, while making additional modifications to the functionality is typically challenging. Usually, you would need to pay an additional fee to the design agency to assist with implementing such changes.

Generally, cheap web design often has average or weak SEO standards. With affordable web design, companies find it challenging to allocate resources for technical investments and keep up with technological advancements.

The deployment time is often fast, usually within 7 days. However, this is achieved by cutting out many important technical steps to fit the cost for customers. In fact, with simple landing pages, you can complete them in just a few minutes.

The design cost is very affordable. However, requesting modifications or additional features can increase the cost significantly.

Typically, service providers will make updates, but this process can still be relatively slow compared to the continuous and frequent changes in search engine algorithms.

You cannot change the service provider for website design and maintenance. Changing the provider would affect the functioning of the website, which means you would have to build an entirely new website.

SEO-optimized website.

Ideal for businesses looking to sell products through a website and prioritize website SEO to attract customers. Whether creating a landing page for ad campaigns or promoting your business through valuable content for the community.

WordPress is an open-source content management system. It tops the list of the three most commonly used website building platforms worldwide, followed by Joomla and Drupal. With WordPress, you can create various types of websites, including e-commerce sites, news portals, and many other amazing web projects.

As of now, there are over 75 million websites using the WordPress platform, including globally renowned websites such as Coca Cola, CNN, BBC America, Sony Music, MTV News, and many more.

WordPress is designed to be SEO-friendly as it includes many tools and plugins for content optimization for SEO. However, not every website design company fully exploits the potential of WordPress.

When you use WordPress for web design, your website becomes highly attractive to search engines.

Quite fast, typically within 7-14 days.

To optimize speed and ensure SEO compliance, it is usually necessary to find a service provider with in-depth knowledge of WordPress and purchase licensed plugins. However, the overall cost is generally affordable.

WordPress and plugins are regularly released with updates to introduce new features and ensure compatibility with the evolving search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo, Yandex, and others. These updates aim to keep websites optimized and aligned with the latest requirements and standards of search engines.

If the web design service provider does not perform well and the level of SEO optimization is not satisfactory, you can indeed change the service provider at any time without affecting the website’s operations. The process of changing providers should not impact the SEO achievements that the website has already attained.

Custom website design

This approach is ideal for unique businesses seeking to develop custom website applications with innovative features. It is commonly adopted by leading technology companies, large enterprises, and government agencies.

Custom website design has the advantage of providing businesses with an exclusive interface, designing functionalities that align with their desired needs, and handing over the entire website source code to the business upon completion of the design.

However, the source code is rarely updated after it is handed over. The process of upgrading, changing the interface, and adding new features will heavily depend on the previous design agency and can be quite costly.

Some large companies have dedicated technical departments solely focused on building and optimizing websites for speed and SEO standards. As a result, their SEO performance is excellent.

Companies that are not in the technology industry or specialized fields may not find this approach suitable. The cost of investing in a technical team for updates and upgrades can be significant, reaching hundreds of thousands of dollars per month.

It usually takes 2 months or more to complete a custom website.

The cost of website design is often quite expensive because the design agency has to start from scratch and fully tailor the website to the client’s requirements.

Updates often do not occur after the website is handed over. If updates are needed, the cost can be quite high and depend on the original design agency, making it difficult to find a replacement. If your website was created 5-10 years ago, you can imagine how outdated it may be in terms of SEO standards. It’s like still using an iPhone 4 at this point.

You cannot change the service provider for website maintenance. Changing providers would indeed impact the website’s functionality and the SEO achievements it has attained.

Easy 3 Steps

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3 Simple Steps to Start Multi-Channel Business with Website

1. Purchase the Website Templates


2. Choose the right plan for your business.


3. Launch for your business


The Website Templates

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Do you need a Service of even higher quality?

According to experts and partners from Google, chasing after cheap website design packages can result in an additional 20-30% increase in marketing costs later on.

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Our packages

Website maintenance package

Not only website design, but we also take on the role of daily Technical SEO for our clients!


Cheap website

Suitable for the needs of creating a single website or a landing page to complete the corporate brand identity.

  • Basic website
  • Online support
  • Minimum one-year payment
  • Weekly data backup



Basic website

Suitable for new businesses that are starting to build a website and want to begin promoting their brand online.

  • Basic website
  • Online support
  • Minimum one-year payment
  • Weekly data backup



SEO-optimized website

Suitable for individuals or businesses who want to sell products or services through a website and prioritize website SEO.

  • Website bán hàng chuẩn SEO
  • Enterprise support
  • Minimum one-year payment
  • Weekly data backup



Customized website

Suitable for businesses or startups with unique requirements who want to have a web application with special features.

  • Professional web application
  • Priority support
  • Minimum one-year payment
  • Weekly data backup



What Is Inbound Marketing? A Complete Guide

What Is Inbound Marketing? A Complete Guide


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Wow, Amazing Product!
Hiring 5-10 SEO employees for a month costs over 100 million VND. However, the effectiveness has not been satisfactory. Since I upgraded my website, now only 1-2 employees can achieve good results. The investment cost for technical upgrades is clearly much cheaper compared to personnel and advertising expenses!
Mr. Đỗ Anh Minh
Food Sales
Perfect for what I needed!
In the past, I used to think that all websites were the same. But since I realized that websites are like phones, there are Chinese brands, Samsung, Apple, I have started to pay more attention to website quality rather than just appearance like before!
Rebecca Nguyễn
Brand Specialist
Best product I have ever used!
In business, sometimes you have to carefully calculate every penny you invest. In the past, I used to chase after cheap website packages. But since Moirai.App advised me on SEO-optimized website packages, our marketing costs have significantly reduced.
Miss. Thanh Tâm
CEO of Company
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Designing an SEO-optimized website for multi-channel business start-up.

Selling online can start from Facebook or participating in e-commerce platforms. However, for online business, you must start with your own website!

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